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Chess 10x10 for chess variant lovers.

Hey, I'm Mehmet (see picture on the left) and I'm "addicted" to chess. To be more specific chess 10x10. This website I have build is for people who love chess 10x10.

My usual chess opponent is my friend David. With him I'm testing all the other chess variants for the 10x10 chess board.

Why a chess board 10x10?

Because it's harder to memorize your chess moves. People are fixated on the 8x8 board. When you start playing you feel the difference.

Inventing KhanChess variants.

I invented all of the Khan Chess variants that you can find on the website www.khanchess.com. Some of them I also have described here. Testing was with by buddy David. We had fun developing them. At this moment we started testing the other chess variants for the 10x10 board.

The pictures on this website

Most of the pictures were taken by me in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. I hope you like them. They are often just a part of bigger painting.

David and I just finished testing the chess variants Yasak and Serbest on the 8x8 chess board. to read more about those chess variants....

The first chess 10x10 website I made was just after finishing a quick HTML course. HTML is the computer language that make a website. I learned it from the website the NewBoston. They have really nice tutorials for free. So I just had to mention them.

I hope that you enjoy the information on this website.



With kind regards,

Khan Mehmet






At the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

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